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My message for female fans is, part of me doesn’t actually believe that there are male and female fans. It’s just fans. Part of me doesn’t believe there’s male and female. There’s just people. That’s what I’ve brought my four daughters up to believe- that you are people first.

Yes, nature has given you different qualities and physiques, but otherwise, you are just as entitled, just as valuable, and you should be valued as such. I get very cross about unequal pay between men and women. That’s me as a man. I would be appalled to think that I was getting more than a woman who was doing the same job as me.

Colin Baker, on female fans (interviewed in Geek Girl Chicago). (via gallifrey103)

Super Mario Kart - 21st Birthday!


People! The first Mario Kart game game out for Super Nintendo 21 YEARS AGO TODAY!  Super Mario Kart was the first time we got to fall into infinite space off the seizure-inducing Rainbow Road.  So, we really had no choice but to make this powerful, colorful, easy-to-spill drink:


Rainbow Road (Super Mario Kart Cocktail)

  • 4 oz. orange juice
  • ½ oz. gin
  •  oz. grenadine
  •  oz. rum
  • 3 oz. vodka
  • Two splashes blue Curacao

Mix orange juice and gin together and pour them into the glass. Then, stir the rum and grenadine together and pour it slowly down the side of the glass - it should settle at the bottom, turning the bottom red and the area immediately above it orange. Mix the vodka and blue Curacao together and then layer it on top of the orange juice. The top should remain blue, but some should settle down to create a green layer. Like Super Mario Kart's toughest course, this drink may be difficult to finish.

In addition to taking our inaugural drifts around Rainbow Road, on September 1, 1992 we triggered boos and lightning bolts, played as Koopa Troopa and Bowser, and tied balloons to our karts and shot each other with shells FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. The original game is still a ton of fun, but it’s great to see how much those basic elements have evolved over the last 21 years.

Here, have a taste of the madness! (video below):




Tea Sub, sold at Fred Flare.

This fun little tea infuser helps you make the perfect brew—just put your favorite loose tea inside the compartment, and submerge! Made with dishwasher safe, heat resistant silicone.

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Barty look what I’m buying for you!


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